Ministry of Labour Job Postings
The Ministry of Labour has an opening for a Radiation Protection Officer and 35 Health and Safety Inspectors. Deadline to apply is Monday, March 25th. To learn more about any of these jobs or to apply, visit the Ministry of Labour’s recruitment page by clicking here.

About Local 128

On May 19, 1947 Local Lodge 128 received its Charter from the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, as a Construction Lodge in the jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario, Canada. Starting with the 47 members listed on the original document, we have seen tremendous growth over the 60 plus year period we have been operating in Ontario. Total membership today is pushing close to 2000 with 1300 construction members and another 600 shop members. The growth of Lodge 128 has distinguished itself as one of the largest locals in the International Brotherhood.

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Hockey Night in Hamilton

Port Elgin Labour Day 2018

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