Support the Trans Mountain Pipeline

Support the Trans Mountain Pipeline

Dear Brothers and sisters,

Below is an email and link for an online petition to your local MP in regards to Canada’s Trans Mountain Expansion. Read the email below, click on the link or go to the Canada’s Energy Citizens website, read the documentation and if you feel strongly about Canadian job creation in all areas, including skilled labour construction, and the generating of revenues for Canada, sign the petition and feel free to pass it on.

Fraternally yours,

John Petronski
Business Manager/ Secretary Treasurer

The deadline for a federal decision on the Trans Mountain pipeline is just around the corner.  It’s now or never and we need to ensure our representatives in Ottawa hear from all Canadians. This is an important decision for our country. That’s why your MP needs to hear from you. Send a letter today asking them to support the Trans Mountain Expansion project.Canada’s oil and natural gas industry makes it possible for Canadians to enjoy one of the highest qualities of life in the world. We can benefit even further if Canada becomes the supplier of choice for energy, both at home and abroad. But first, we need to build the projects that get our products to new markets.The Trans Mountain project will:

  • Create over 32,000 jobs every year for the next 25 years;
  • Generate $47 billion in new revenue for provincial and federal governments, which funds the health care, education and infrastructure our communities rely on; and
  • Improve market access by getting Canada’s resources to tidewater, allowing us to get world prices for our resources as opposed to selling at a discount to our biggest competitor, the U.S.

In short, Canada needs this pipeline. Let’s send a clear message to our representatives in Ottawa: Canadians want to see this project move forward.

Your voice can help take this project over the finish line.

Thank you for standing up for Canada’s future,

Canada’s Energy Citizens