Outstanding Safety Achievement

Outstanding Safety Achievement

(Left to right): Vince Gagner (General Manager Industrial Education Cooperative), Ed Linton (Local 128 Boilermakers Union Steward), Shawn Zettel (Imperial Oil Health and Safety Manager)

It is a generally accepted belief that a sense of community is fostered when workers, employers, and contractors strive for a common goal, making every worker on site a partner in the success of any project.

Imperial Oil, Sarnia Refinery embodies the philosophy of excellence with zero recorded injuries in 2018. Their Joint Health and Safety Committee can easily be commended for a continued effort to promote teamwork as a predominant influencer to safety.

The Committee is comprised of 16 working groups inclusive of all on-site trades. The Boilermaker contractors on site include TAMS-AECOM, CIMS, TIW, and MATRIX.

Representing all trade workers at Imperial Oil in the Joint Health and Safety Committee is Local 128 Boilermaker, Ed Linton, who is the Union Steward for TAMS-AECOM. Ed credits his knowledge and experience to a comprehensive Apprenticeship Training Program. Ed recalls a time when promoting the use of respirators on a job site would result in a job loss and has been an advocate for safety throughout his extensive career. After years of diligently working to promote better conditions, Ed can proudly state that he has impacted the industry greatly.

Imperial Oil’s 3 million man-hours worked in 2018, by maintenance and construction trades, achieved an unprecedented zero recorded injuries. The number of Boilermakers on site ranges from 50 to 300 at given times throughout the year.

In the year 2000 Imperial Oil recorded 20 injuries, but by 2018 that number was reduced to 0. Zero injuries for 2018 is an incredible accomplishment, and Imperial Oil’s philosophy towards safety is the direct result of influence by the construction trades, and specifically the Boilermakers.

For their “Journey to Excellence, Flawless Operations”, Imperial Oil adopted the philosophy and implemented a “One Team, One Goal, Empowered Work Force.” These two empowering mottos became more than just slogans — the workers, the company and the contractors embodied the transformation to excellence.

By engaging all trades and maintenance crews through Joint Health and Safety participation, they went from a reactive workforce to one of compliance. Which ignited the atmosphere of teamwork, understanding that the road to excellence is one that is multi-faceted.

Encouraging the promotion of best practices and a “see something, say something” objective has engaged workers to be proactive in their own safety and the safety of their co-workers.

Thanks to the diligent and persistent work by Boilermakers in the industry, the Boilermakers are now regarded as leaders in safety and are recognized in that role by other trades and contractors. During a safety forum, the contributions of Ed Linton and the Joint Health and Safety Committee were recognized.

Boilermakers like Ed Linton provide leadership and mentorship that fosters pride in the union. As recognized leaders for safety, the Boilermakers are proving that highly trained individuals and a commitment to excellence can achieve a journey to zero injuries.