Health, Wellness & Welfare

Health, Wellness & Welfare Programs

Boilermakers' National Benefit Plans

Tools, resources and information regarding your Health and Welfare plan, Pension Plan and other benefits available for members of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers.  NOTE: A login and password is required to access this site. Click “Sign In” at the top right hand corner of the home page then, “click here to register.” Follow the instructions on the registration page and record your username and password for future use.

Family Services Employee Assistance Program

To reach FSEAP: 1-866-990-1113 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

A program designed specifically to support Boilermakers and their families. This program provides counselling, legal services, nutritional consultations, addiction support, self-assessments and much more. All counselling and services provided by the FSEAP are 100% confidential. NOTE: A user name and password is required to access this site – contact your union hall for login information. You can also login to the Boilermakers National Benefits Website, click “Health Benefits” at the top left of the home page, then “FSEAP” at the bottom right hand corner of the Health Benefits page to view the login information online.

De Novo

A drug and alcohol treatment centre for unionized members of Ontario’s construction trades. If you or someone you know is in need of help please contact De Novo or your local Union Representative who will assist you with this process.

Boilermaker Total Health Program

Health Arc is a program designed to help Members create their own healthy story – one that fits with their goals for leading a healthy life on and off the job. As a program designed specifically for Boilermakers, Health Arc understands some of the challenges – hard physical labour, long work days, weeks away from home – and recognizes how difficult it can be to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers wants to make sure Members have the tools they need to create a longer, healthier and more rewarding life. Health Arc is part of the Boilermaker Total Health initiative and is developed and implemented by the Boilermaker National Tripartite Safety Committee.  NOTE: Members must login to the website in order to access this site.