Open Job Calls

There are no open calls for Local 128 at this time.  Please check back soon.

TESC Contracting

Location: Glencore Smelter, Sudbury, ON
Start Date: Monday, September 16
Start Time: 7am
Hours Worked: 14 shifts of 7 x 10’s
Require: 1 Stainless Welder

If any interest please contact Lynn or Joe at the Local 128 Sudbury Office: (705) 560-0128


Location: IOL Nanticoke
Start Dates:

Tuesday September 17th @ 7:30am at Burlington Hall for Testing (Chrome and weld procedure 215)
Wednesday September 18th @ 7:30am at IOL Nanticoke for Tops Training

Job Description: Outage
Rate of pay: ICI Rate
Board Money for days worked: $119.00
Qualification for board allowance: Mortgage statements or lease, one utility bill, and a valid driver’s license in which all addresses need to match, a void check for direct deposit. Must be 150kms away to qualify.
Hours Worked: 3-10’s ending the week, then 6-10’s for approx. 4 weeks
Require: 4 Welders Days, 1 Welder Nights (Tig welders, F4/F6 valid tickets)

Must have CORE 4 (Ontario Working at Heights, WHMIS, Fit test and confined space) Must all be valid.

If any interest please send an email with your name, phone number to Goksen “Turk” Nalsok or (905) 332-0128 ext 244.