Open Job Calls

There are no open calls for Local 128 at this time.  Please check back soon.


Please note that there is NO work for Permit workers at this time.  If there is overflow and we require help it will be posted here with instructions. This seems to be the trend right across the country, to all brothers and sisters, practice good hygiene and follow the protocol and be safe.

BWXT Job # 21517

Location: Bruce Power
Start Date: Monday December 7th @ 7:00am BWXT ( 581 Coronation Blvd. Cambridge, ON)
Job Description: Faser Ray/ Feeder Inspection (PAUT)
Rate of Pay: $45.13
Board Money for days worked: $95.43
Qualification for board allowance: Mortgage statements or lease, one utility bill, and a valid driver’s license in which all addresses need to match, a void check for direct deposit.
Approx Duration: 5-8’s for on boarding, Training will be 5-10’s 3-4 weeks in Cambridge. Execution possibly start February 20th at the Bruce 2-3 weeks of 7-12’s.
Require: 1 Mechanic (Days), 1 Mechanic (Nights)

Need to hold valid BRUCE clearance.

If any interest please send an email with your name, phone number to Goksen “Turk” Nalsok or (905) 332-0128 ext 244.