Congratulations to all of Local 128’s scholarship winners!

2023 Scholarship Winners

Julia Dargacz, $3000 Local 128 Scholarship Winner 

Julia Dargacz, the daughter of brother, Tad Dargacz will be attending the University of British Columbia for a Bachelor of Science.  Julia will be taking various biology, chemistry, and math courses in hopes of specializing in microbiology and immunology.  She eventually would like to become a medical researcher.

Mitchell Fell, $2000 Local 128 Scholarship Winner 

Mitchell Fell, is the son of brother Michael Fell. Mitchell will be attending Lakehead University to study Environmental Management. After graduating, Mitchell hopes to become a Certified Wildlife Biologist to study Canada’ Ecosystems or becoming a Conservation Officer for the Ministry of Natural Resources.

2022 Scholarship Winners

Shannon Millette, $3000 Local 128 Scholarship Winner

Shannon Millette is the daughter of Daniel Millette. Shannon will be attending the University of Guelph in the Fall of 2022 to pursue a four-year Bachelor of Applied Science degree majoring in Child Studies. In the future, she plans to attend a two-year Bachelor of Education program to follow her dream of becoming an elementary school teacher.

Makayla Mootrey, $2000 Local 128 Scholarship Winner

Makayla Mootrey is the daughter of brother Matt Mootrey. Makayla will be attending Lambton College in the fall where she will be studying Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology. Her future plans are to apply the knowledge she gains through post-secondary schooling in the petro-chemical industry.

2021 Scholarship Winners

Meriah Fisher

Meriah Fisher, $3000 Local 128 Scholarship Winner

Meriah, the daughter of Brother James Fisher, will be attending Brock University, studying medical science with the desire to becoming a pharmacist. Meriah is excited to embark on her journey into the medical profession.

Jeremiah Radin, $2000 Local 128 Scholarship Winner

Jeremiah Radin, the son of Victor Radin, is this years 2021 Scholarship $2000 recipient. Jeremiah will be attending George Brown College to study Mechanical Engineering Technology Design. He chose this program because he was inspired by his father, who works as a welder at Hooper Welding and to work along side him some day in the future.

2020 Scholarship Winners

Jada LeBlanc, $3000 Local 128 Scholarship Winner

Jada is the daughter of Brother, Dave LeBlanc. Jada will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Superior on a Hockey Scholarship. Her studies will include a four year program in Exercise Science / Kinesiology followed by another two years to achieve her Master of Physical Therapy with her goal of entering the field of Sports Rehabilitation. While attending the University Jada will also be playing for the Women’s Hockey Team.

Ainsley Lewis, $2000 Local 128 Scholarship Winner

Ainsley Lewis is the daughter of Brother David Lewis. Ainsley will be attending Western University to study Kinesiology.

2019 Scholarship Winners

Riley Groulx

Riley Groulx is the daughter of Brother Kyle Groulx. Riley is attending Brock University for the 6-year concurrent education program, specializing in primary and junior grades. Once she graduates, Riley hopes to become a kindergarten or grade 1 teacher.

Emma Zoldy

Emma Zoldy is the daughter of Brother Darren Zoldy is currently in her first year of studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON. Emma is taking the Kinesiology-undergraduate program. After acquiring her undergraduate degree, Emma plans to pursue a graduate degree in Physiotherapy.

2018 Scholarship Winner

$2000 Local 128 Scholarship Winner

Kennedy Hewitt, daughter of Mark Hewitt, will be attending the University of Guelph in the fall of 2018. Working towards a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Neuroscience. After completing her undergraduate degree, Kennedy hopes to work as a medical researcher specializing in behavioral neuroscience.

2017 Scholarship Winners

$2000 Local 128 Scholarship Winner

Alicia Zoldy, is the 2017, 1st place winner of the Scholarship Competition.   Alicia will be attending Carleton University in the fall of 2017 to obtain her Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Cognitive Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience. After completing her undergraduate degree Alicia hopes to complete a Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology as her dream is to become a Speech Language Pathologist.

$500 Local 128 Scholarship Winner

Ava Szmiet, is the 2017, 2nd place winner of the Scholarship Competition.  Ava will be attending Lambton College in the fall of 2017.  She is enrolled in Pre-Health Sciences – BScN as a Segway to the Bachelor of Science – Nursing program next year.  Her long term goal is to be an amazing asset to her community by giving care as a Registered Nurse.

2016 Scholarship Winners

International Scholarship Competition Winner

Tomasz Joks Jr, son of Tomasz Joks, is one of the 2016 Canadian Winners of the International Scholarship Competition. Tomasz will be attending Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He will be taking a double major in Biology and Chemistry, pursuing a career in the Bio-chemical Engineering field.

$2000.00 Local 128 Scholarship Winner

Harley Linton, is the 2016, 1st place winner of the Scholarship Competition. Attending Lambton College, Harley will be taking the Bachelor of Science in Nursing for the next four years. After working as a Registered Nurse, Harley will be further his education and become a Nurse Practitioner.

$500.00 Local 128 Scholarship Winner

Jasmine Draper, daughter of Joseph Chiasson is the second place winner of the 2016 Scholarship Competition. Jasmine will be attending King’s University College in London, Ontario with the ultimate career goal of becoming a psychologist, working in the field of mental illness.

2014 Scholarship Winners

$2000.00 Scholarship Winner

Dalton Munn, son of Stirling Munn, will be attending Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, in hopes of graduating with a degree in Communication Studies. He also plans to continue on and get his Bachelor of Education and become a teacher.

$500.00 Scholarship Winner

Allyson Aarssen, daughter of Paul Aarssen and second place winner of the scholarship competition, will be attending Brock University in St. Catharine’s in the fall, taking courses in the Concurrent Education program to pursue a career in the teaching profession.

2013 Scholarship Winners

$1500.00 Scholarship Winner

Robbin Collings, daughter of Thomas Collings. Robbin will be attending Laurentian University to work towards her BA (honours program) in Psychology for the next four years. Her long term goal is to be accepted into Law School to become a lawyer.

$500.00 Scholarship Winner

Brent Beaulieu, son of Pierre Beaulieu. Brent is attending Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie for the next 3 years, majoring in Music and hoping to someday take that knowledge and pass it on to others as a teacher.

2012 Scholarship Winners

$2000.00 Scholarship Winner

Naomi Ngo, daughter of the Late Hung Ngo. Ms. Ngo will be attending the University of Toronto. She will be taking Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Psychology, and French. She would like to major in Human Biology and minor in Psychology and French.

$500.00 Scholarship Winner

Connor Gulley will attend Trent University in the fall of 2012. He will be majoring in biology and history for a career as a doctor or teacher.

2011 Scholarship Winners

$2000.00 Scholarship Winner

Hillary Grills, daughter of David Grills.  Ms. Grills will be using the Scholarship funds to help with tuition cost to attend Toronto’s Ryerson University where she will be studying Performance Production which focuses on set construction, costumes, lighting, sound, props and stage management in theatre and film.

$500.00 Scholarship Winner

Conor Carter, son of Ronald Carter. Mr. Carter will use a portion of his scholarship funds for his tuition. As he states, ” I believe it is important to financially contribute to the cost of my own education.” Conor will be attending Lambton College this fall for a three year program taking Alternative Energy Engineering. His ambition is to look for ways to make his community environmentally sustainable.

2021 Scholarships

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