Steward’s Toolbox

Welcome to the Stewards Toolbox.  Here you will find the essential tools required to be an effective Job Steward and knowledgeable Union Member.

The Role of Union Steward

Steward Training at Local 128, January 2016

The role of Union Steward is an important one and not to be treated lightly. As the ambassador of the Union you are responsible for the following:

  • Lead by example.  You must act professionally, work smart, work hard, treat everyone equally and with respect.
  • Introduce yourself to all Boilermakers and identify yourself as the job Steward. This displays a union presence on the job
  • Communicate with the members on a regular basis.
  • Communicate regularly with the area Business Representative
  • Be the Unions safety representative. Take part in Joint Health and Safety Committee meetings, relay information between the members and the contractor and vice-versa
  • Monitor layoffs, quits, dismissals, transfers, name hires, apprenticeship ratios, absenteeism and poor craftsmanship
  • Encourage members to attend monthly Union meetings and vote in elections. Attend them yourself if possible. If not, speak with your representative after the meeting and relay new information to members
  • Know the contract you are working under. Ensure that the contract is followed, both by the contractor and the Union members
  • Be the first contact for health and wellness related issues. If a member expresses a need or appears in need, be there. Let him/her know of Members Assistant Plans (FSEAP, De Novo.) Contact your local Business Representative if needed
  • Be the eyes for the Union regarding jurisdiction. Contact your Business Representative with any questions or concerns
  • Become familiar with the Contractors disciplinary/worksite rules. Be armed with knowledge of the rules and facts of the situation when representing a worker at a disciplinary meeting
  • Address a foreman, worker or supervisor directly if a problem should arise
  • Always work to keep the crew on the job
  • Represent everyone fairly and without prejudice
  • Keep a logbook. Update Daily
  • Maintain a positive attitude, encourage morale, recognize good craftsmanship
  • Be proud to represent your Union!