No Dues Increase 2018

No Dues Increase 2018


Due to the amount of manhours our Local has worked over the course of 2017, I am happy to inform you that after making a request, the International has approved that our current field dues rate of 4.5% will be reduced to 4.25%.

On an annual basis, our monthly Union dues are increased by the International office. However, I am pleased to report that our request to be exempt from any rate increase has also been approved and will remain unchanged at the current monthly rate of $42.50 for 2018.

I would like to thank you, the membership, for your hard work in making this possible.

Please remember that if monthly dues are not deducted by your employer the first week of every month while working, a payment should be made to your local office to keep your membership in good standing. For your convenience, each Local office is equipped for debit and credit card payments as well as the PayPal option on our web site.

Fraternally yours,

John Petronski
Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer